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It is our policy that a sick child should not be in daycare. We consider a child to be sick if they are suffering from any of the following in the box:

If a child develops symptoms of illness while in daycare, the parent will be contacted right away. Depending on the situation, the parent may just need to be made aware of the situation or they might be asked to pick up their child. In the meantime, the child will be kept comfortable and segregated, if necessary, from the other children.

  • If the child needs emergency medical care, the parent will be contacted. If they cannot be reached, the following procedure will be followed.
  • The child's doctor will be called and their instructions followed.
  • If the doctor is not available, the child will be taken to the nearest emergency facility, which is Hudson Valley Hospital.
  • We will continue trying to contact the parent.

The parent must supply the child's medical record prior to placement. This record will be kept in your child's folder and must be renewed annually. This medical form must be signed by a healthcare provider verifying that the child is able to participate in daycare, currently appears to be free from contagious diseases and is receiving healthcare, including appropriate examinations and is up-to-date on their vaccinations, in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics and New York State Public Health Law. The written statement from the healthcare provider must also state whether the child has special healthcare needs and, if so, what special provisions, if any, will be necessary in order for them to participate in daycare.

Morning Star Daycare staff are mandated reporters; we are required to register a report with the State Central Register, NYS Child Protective Services System for any suspected abuse or maltreatment of any child in our care. The report will include the child's name, address, age, sex, race, nature and extent of injuries, abuse or maltreatment, name of person responsible for causing the injury, source of report and actions taken by our staff. The agency will then take appropriate measures.



Please don't bring your child to daycare with:

~ Fever over 100oF

~ Persistent Diarrhea

~ Undiagnosed rash

~ Vomiting

~ Contagious illness


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